• Project set up drums, tanning
    • Rehabilitation and development of drilling machines
    • Rehabilitation and development of Chase Machine Alakhaa Company
    • Project monument line of plumbing
    • Clothing routes in the city of the People
    • Modify the brushes and Haddl material Alspec dirt road 

    Contracts 2009


    • Execution and processing of electrical and mechanical works


    Contracts 2010


    • Implementation of civil works


    Contracts 2011



    • Implementation of several echanical and electrical construction ontracts for the project vertigo roads
    • Rehabilitation Miling and turning machine
    • Rehabilitation of Furnace Building&the Furnace (Rotary Klin)
    • Rehabilitation flame cutting machine
    • Installation of the Forging Machine &Rehabilitation of it's building
    • Implementation of several echanical and electrical construction ontracts for the project vertigo roads



    Contracts 2012



    • Processing Koellat galvanized iron
    • Rehabilitation and processing furnaces box materials


    Contracts 2013



    • Manufacturing, printing and install, installation and distribution of advertisements
    • Processing 2000 tons of steel Rol ( Gas Filling Company )
    • Rehabilitation furnoce and Processing materials


    Contracts 2014


    • Construction of (25000m2) Fence &(3000m2)seed storage in Al Anbar Governorate


    Contracts 2015


    • 1250 tons of iron hull processing cylinder ( Gas Filling Company )


    Contracts 2016

    • Rehabilitation of the pumping station E3 & M2 ( UNDP )
    • Rehabilitation of the pumping station F1 & F2 ( UNDP )


    Contracts 2017

    • Rehabilitation of Buildings and Workshops ( UNDP )
    • 1250 tons of iron hull processing cylinder ( Gas Filling Company )
    • Hay Al-Shuhadaa Clean - up project in Falluja Anbar" ( UNDP)
    • Rehabilitation of Potable Water Network for the University Campus, University of Anbar ( UNDP )
    • MenuRehabilitation of 5 Water Complexes in Karma ( UNDP )
    • Rehabilitation of The chools of 18 Classes in Falluja ( UNDP )
    • Completed the work of the fallen tower No. 228 type XYA
    • Rehabilitation of 7 Water treatment plants in Al Anbar ( NRC )
    • Construction of 3 schools 12 classrooms in Ramadi ( UNDP )
    • Renovation and Equiping of the Workshop in Falluja Industrial School ( UNDP )


    Contracts 2018

    •  Provide and installation of a water complex unit 200 m 3 / hour

    Within the project of the villages of Habbaniyah

    • Rehabilitation of a closed hall for Habbaniyah Sports Club  - AL Anbar ( Local government of Anbar )
    • Implementation of 33 KV Feeder Line for Al-Obaidi District - Al-Qaim - Anbar ( UNDP )
    • Rehabilitation of 6 Water treatment plants in Heet & Qaim - Al Anbar ( NRC ) 
    • Rehabilitation of 2 Water treatment plants in Al Ramadi – Anbar (Relif International )
    • Rehabilitation of Hay Al – Andulus cemetery – Ramadi ( NRC )

    Contracts 2019

    • Rehabilitation of the commercial market in Heet , Al -Anbar​​​
    • Rehabilitation of 2 Water treatment plants in Al Qaim – Anbar(Albo-Abead-Al-bobea)
    • Implementation of power transmission line east of Mosul - Tahreer 132 k. v
    • Implementation of the power transmission line Ninewa gas - thermal Baiji 400 k. v
    • Demolition and reconstruction of Al-Shahed Al-Sabbagh Boys School 18 Class in Juweibeh , Anbar
    • Demolition and reconstruction of secondary school Al-Shams for girls 18 Class in Zankoura , Anbar
    • Supply and installation of a unit of water combined capacity of 200 m 3 / hour in the area of Imam Weiss on the land of the donor Sadiq Karim
    • Supplying the materials of the electrical network for the distribution sectors of the highest Euphrates electricity
    • Rehabilitation of Internal Roads in Al Ramadi, Anbar Governorate
    • Rehabilitation of seven schools in the district of Abu Ghraib Baghdad
    • Supply and installation of a unit of water combined capacity of 200 m 3 / hour in the Bou Issa water complex (mullahs) and the completion of   Deficiencies  in the island
    • Rehabilitation of a 5 km water project in Ramadi, Anbar Governorate
    •  Rehabilitation of Al-Obaidi Water Complex 2
    • Rehabilitation of Anah Water Treatment Plant (WTP) located in Anah


    Contracts 2020

    • Rehabilitation of the water tank in the Saqra region in Anah
    • Rehabilitation of The Public Clinic in Al-Qaim​
    • Rehabilitation of the Electrical Feeder from Al-Qunaitra Substation to Al-Obaidi in Al-Qaim
    • Rehabilitation of Al-Baghdadi Municipality Directorate Building in Heet
    • Rehabilitation of the streets of Al-Haouz neighborhood in Ramadi
    • Rehabilitation of the Boukniffer water complex in the Karma district
    • Rehabilitation of Internal Roads & Supply and installation of solar street lights in Al Khaless in Al Mansouriah, District, Diyala Governorate, Iraq           
    • The demolition and rebuilding of Um‐Kalthum Primary School (12 Classes) in Falluja Al‐Shehabi District ‐ Fallujah City – Anbar Governorate
    • Rehabilitation of health facilities at Al-Hasa Health Center in Anah


    Contracts 2021

    • Rehabilitation and development of the Southern Hawalli Road, Street 60
    • Supplying and installing a water complex for expansion areas in Tawi / Al Bukanan, capacity of 200 m3 / hour on the land of the donor Faisal Sharmukh Bedaiwi
    • Rehabilitation of the Dohat Al-Ali water complex in Karma - Anbar Governorate
    • Development of 4/11 KV feeders from the proposed new Sayed Dakhil feeder and rehabilitation of the old Hassan feeder
    • Supplying supporting materials for the Fallujah electricity distribution sector
    • Replacing the  carrier line to 17th Street with the branch connections from the beginning of 17th Street from the side of the Awqaf Bridge to the end of the street near the Oil Bridge
    • Rehabilitation of the entrance road to Zenkora, with a length of 3.3 km and a width of 26.5 meters
    • Paving a group of sub-roads in the area of ​​Zankoura and Al-Boayada, with a length of 13425 m
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