About Company

    Company nation of peace which is an extension of the work of the Office of Harith, which was founded in 1989, when the expansion work of the office I greet you need for the company have set up a company a nation of peace for General Trading and Contracting Company Limited Iraqi first trade second Structural third Mechanics and Electricity, was founded in Baghdad, where the implementation of many projects in various sectors civil, mechanical and electrical.

    The company has staff and an engineering consultant and technical specialist with expertise in high efficiency and extends for more than 20 years in the work of government departments and public and private sectors and in all areas, most of whom holds degrees from European countries in the industrial and engineering units.



    The company always seeks to keep pace with scientific and technological development and employment in the service of government departments and companies in the following areas:

    We have the ability to build homes, schools and government departments on the way turnkey construction Low cost, Bay area specified by the recipient. We have the capacity and capability to supply and installation of power generators from 1 Mbps up to 400 Mw.
    We have the capacity and capability to set up & the power transmission towers and all kinds. We have the highest processing capacity and installation of all laboratory productivity and Mnacha all the world.
    We have the ability to implement bridges, airports, highways and tunnels. We have the ability to supply and install all types of water purification plants, RO or regular.
    We have the capacity to process and extending all kinds of networks and Akhabt pure water and sanitation. We have the capacity to implement projects according to engineering specifications and quality requirements, the engineering work.
    We have the ability to develop and update technology equipment, electrical and mechanical machinery and providing technical crisis has. We have the ability to import advanced equipment in all areas of engineering equipment and mechanical appliances, and electrical plan that serves the reconstruction and development in Iraq.
    We have the ability to provide engineering services, from consulting and design to the requesters and according to the specifications and modern techniques. We have the ability to provide engineering services, especially services, post-delivery of the project and periodic maintenance, preventive maintenance, maintenance and call for the immediate and necessary
    And the provision of backup work for the sustainability of services and equipment to ensure the age and period of operation of a long time, and meet the requirements of government departments and companies in the above areas in order to advance the scientific and technical development of our country and keep abreast of developments in the world
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